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Not being

N o t – b e i n g, being a state of void, is a simple interpretation of the beauty of void. We are in a constant state of being and not-being, but we never really see the importance and beauty of it. This collection aims to bringing its existence in the simplest form. Void is the opposite of being, it is not-being. A void is this idea, maybe this reality – in terms of people, circumstances, experiences, thoughts, truths - that exists in and around us that shapes us, makes us ‘us’; What if it is something we could never imagine, what if it is beautiful, what if a void is not an absence of something but the source of our presence. These different interpretations of the void lead us to find different meanings and purposes in life. The beauty of the void is expressed visually in this collection to embrace the unknown in and around us and black is the mode of expression, as black is the encompassment of everything possible, impossible and the unknown.