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Fraise Magazine

Fraise in French means strawberry. I used the word Fraise because red as a colour has always spoken fashion to me. I wanted to keep it quirky and colourful while keeping the language and content of the magazine minimal, because both of them speak about me and my thought process as a person. The magazine as whole spoke about consumerism, hustle culture, fast fashion, gender fluidity, art, dystopia, sustainability while making the conversation super fun. It is quite important to me always to stay relevant, updated with current affairs and make a difference in the world regarding the issues I feel are close to me which I tried my best to translate into my work. It is a collection of every conversation that we must be having or be aware about while we go about our days. Fraise focuses on empathy, courage and realness and is for every reader who is aware, unique, and isn’t afraid to voice their opinions.